Improve Your Memory Recall & Fluency

So you understand English- everything you hear, everything you read, but when it’s time to speak, or answer the TOEFL speaking questions you freeze, forget the words, and the language barrier comes down. Does this sound familiar? Are you struggling with memory recall and fluency?

Well, you are not alone! We hear this from a lot of TOEFL test-takers.

Here are 3 things that can help:

1. Increase your active practice

2. Make associations

3. Practice with distractions

Many people spend countless hours on PASSIVE learning and skills (like reading and listening), however their ACTIVE skills are weak. If you want to get better at riding a bike, you practice riding bikes more, right? If you want to improve your speaking, there is no way around it- you must practice speaking more!

Make sure you are not just memorizing words, but recalling. This is done by programming them into your mind using clues or associations. You can also have associations for transition phrases and can use them for introductions, giving examples, additions and conclusions. These will give you a few extra moments to formulate the rest of your answer without excessive pausing or going off topic.

And one more tip, practice with distractions. If you take the TOEFL test at a center, the room will be full of other people giving their answers simultaneously. It will be loud and distracting, so it’s important you replicate this scenario and get more comfortable with it before your test day. Try practicing with a partner in a crowded coffee shop, or practice giving your answers while English television interviews, or English podcasts are playing in the background.

What do you do to help improve your memory recall and fluency? We'd love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below!


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