10 Tips to KICK-START Your TOEFL Speaking Preparation

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

As you probably already know, the TOEFL test has 4 parts; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Many people struggle with the speaking section most, and for different reasons.

Here are 10 tips to help you get started on the right foot!

1. Consider the purpose of your TOEFL and what score you want/need to achieve.

2. Consider your current abilities and set realistic goals within a realistic time frame.

Key word: realistic.

3. Get to know the test. Make sure you really understand how moderators evaluate the speaking section and what they are listening for.

4. Have a note-taking template prepared, one that you can use on test-day. Practice using it often. This will help you answer questions fully, develop your topic well, and keep you on track while speaking.

5. Structure your answers in a logical, coherent way.

6. Understand the time limits of each question type. Always practice giving answers using a timer, so you will be used to the time restraints on test-day.

7. Prepare a strategy for time left over. This could be an elaboration of your previous points, or with some questions, a go-to conclusion sentence.

8. Do not worry about having an accent! As long as the moderators understand you clearly, your accent is not relevant during the TOEFL test. The moderators do not expect you to have a native accent, they are solely evaluating your language proficiency.

9. When preparing answers to question types 3 & 4, do not worry if you don't know a lot about the academic topics. The TOEFL test is not an intelligence evaluation.

10. Practice with a native speaker, or TOEFL Preparation Coach as often as possible.

My Study Guru TOEFL Speaking Coaches are experienced teachers and are native English speakers. We are here to help you structure your preparation so that you can study with ease. Many people panic when it comes to the speaking test. Instead, we can help you identify your weaknesses and work to improve your speaking skills so you feel more confident on your TOEFL test day!

For more information about My Study Guru, or our services please explore our website or contact us directly. Talk to you soon!

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